Lucas Recoaro

Curriculum Vitae

Lucas Recoaro

Tech / Business Analyst / Fullstack Developer

Enthusiastic, creative, passionate about computer science. With those words I begin to appear before you. I am constantly searching for professional growth so too personal. My passion for computer science began at an early age and to this day I get the knowledge of both self-taught as a formal combination.

Information about me


Lucas Daniel Recoaro

Date Birth - Nationality

11-08-1990 - Argentina, Buenos Aires


7A Sage Road, Kohimarama - Auckland


(+64) 274 741 922


High School

Escuela Tecnica N.35 - Eduardo Latzina Graduated 2012

Computer Technician


Government grants for training programs for software development 2010 - 2011

Becas Control F - .NET (2011)

Becas Control F - PHP (2010)


Freelance / Traveler

Administration / Developing - January 2010 - Now.

Active search for clients and freelance work through, as well as participation in Github in open source projects.

Fullstack Developer - July 2017 - Now.

Realestate is New Zealand’s number one property site with the most properties for sale from every real estate brand in the country. As a Fullstack Developer, I performed a complete development from a legacy system to a new modern system, capable to use all the big data that they manage.

Security as premise: We work with sensitive data as clients data, users data, relevant bussines information that we use in the whole system, part of my job is maintain that secure and not expose sensitive data

Dev Op's tasks that I work with day by day: Jenkins configurations, AWS CodePipeline integrations, AWS CodeBuild integrations

Some technologies we worked with: Salesforce, Ember.js (Javascript) - Symfony 3 (PHP) - Guzzle - Node.js - Express.js - Hapi.js - RabbitMQ - New Relic - MailChimp - Amazon Web Services

VirtualMind S.R.L

Technical Analyst | Fullstack Developer | Team Leader - July 2012 - March 2016.

Company that performs software development work for both the front end and the back end. Most of the work done is in web development for both national and international customers. The company has clients in different sectors such as banking, insurance, finance or marketing. The company also has a Silver Partnership with Microsoft.

My responsibilities were to analyze requirements for the project, make a plan and discuss the possible solutions with the clients. As a team leader, I performed meetings with the team to analyze tasks, assign them, and maintain constant communication with clients.

Some clients I work with: Marketing G2 - USA, Valija Chica - Argentina, Quik! - USA



  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete
  • 75% Complete
    Javascript ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete

Frameworks / Libraries / Others

  • 70% Complete
    WebForms .NET ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete
    Entity Framework .NET ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete
    Phalcon PHP ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete
    Symfony 3 PHP MEDIUM
  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete
    Prestashop PHP MEDIUM
  • 70% Complete
    Node.js / Express.js ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete
    React.js ADVANCED
  • 70% Complete
    Angular.js MEDIUM
  • 70% Complete
    Ember.js ADVANCED

Repositories and Third Party Services

  • 70% Complete
  • 75% Complete
  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete

Design and Office automation

  • 70% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop MEDIUM
  • 70% Complete
  • 70% Complete
    Ofimatic Tools (Office, Libreoffice) ADVANCED



I like to be always updated with the latest developments in technology in terms of new uses and developments that help people. Topics that interest me: Network security, internet of things, developments in arduino, etc.

Work actively on diverse open source projects doing Pull Requests in case I find something useful to bring some example are HowToGraphQL, Ember.js, among others. You can check them out on Github, also I enjoy writing documentations for help to spread the knowledge to others like for example: Import History from CVS to GIT .

Webtorrent Desktop Fork (Refreex): WebTorrent is a streaming torrent client for the web browser and the desktop. Built entirely on Javascript (React.js + Electron.js) My fork tries to focus just on Music files aiming to create an application like Spotify but completely descentralized, creating the playlists with Dat Protocol ( a distributed peer-to-peer network. Webtorrent Desktop Refreex Github Organization.

Argentum Online: It's a videogame made in 1999 in Visual Basic 6, released under the AGPL license, actually maintained by the community, my principal rol here is review pull requests that arrive from the people to maintain the repository active, maintain active the principal server of the game, also sometimes fix some bugs in the code. Implemented API written entirely in Node.js to extend the behaviour of the server, such as Send Emails like Emails for Change Password, Expose not sensitive user data for Rankings in the web, Expose Developing Logs to help the community solve problems, among others without the hassle of using VB6 for those tasks. You can check out the organization on github Argentum Online Github Organization. Website (spanish) Argentum Online Official Webpage.


Thank you for reading!

“Business Analyst / Fullstack Developer”

Lucas Recoaro